About us

About Us

Interline Vietnam Co., Ltd is exclusive distributor of famous flooring brands over the world. Operating on intention “Make space more perfect”, Interline Vietnam Co., Ltd is proud of providing customers delicate and best quality, also safe, healthy and eco-friendly products. In addition, Interline Co., Ltd has a professional and responsible working process from advising, designing 3D graphics, supplying to installing. This makes a difference for Interline Vietnam Co., Ltd in supplying customer as well as creating perfect space of each project. Mission Bringing to customer not only PRODUCT, but ARTWORK. Vision By our desire and responsibility to the community, Interline Vietnam Co., Ltd strives to be the leading distributor of flooring in Vietnam and in the region. Besides, a trusted partner is chosen by customers. Core of Values
  • Responsible: Interline Vietnam always put responsibility on top. We consider it as an advantage in competition and to keep our reputation and honor.
  • Committed: Interline commits our honest in supplying clearly origin and exactly the quality of products published by the manufacturers.
  • Creative: As a motive for constantly innovating, Interline Vietnam always aims to bring customers amazing products and services.
  • Safe: Interline Vietnam offers customers the best quality products, and ensuring their health safety and environmental friendliness.